Health Services

Victoria Lifeline

Gain peace of mind and feel confident living safely and independently in your own home. Help is just a button-push away. Macdonald Services to Seniors no longer installs Victoria Lifeline but please call 1-800-LIFELINE for more information.

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Foot Care Clinics

Foot Care Clinics are no longer being held. The foot care nurse will make house calls.

Call Leanne for more information.

Please note there is a fee for this service.


The Emergency Response Information Kit was developed in response to concerns regarding the availability of emergency medical information. In an emergency, a patient may not be able to speak or inform paramedics of their condition, medical history, allergies etc. This can delay proper medical care. E.R.I.K. provides essential health information for emergency personnel so they can correctly and quickly respond to a medical situation. The kit is kept in your home and consists of:

  • A Health Information Form which should contain your name, address, health card numbers, next of kin, family physician, medical history, allergies, and medications (your health care professional, pharmacist or family may assist you in filling it out)
  • A place to insert your Health Care Directive
  • Blue Organ Donor Card (not mandatory)
  • A sticker for the front entrance of your house (which alerts paramedics to look for your E.R.I.K.)
  • A plastic folder
  • A magnet to hold the information packet in place on your refrigerator door

Home Care

Home care services are provided free of charge to residents served by Southern Health-Santé Sud and can be arranged on a short-term basis or on an extended basis. Home care provides essential support in the home to anyone – regardless of age – who requires health care services or assistance with activities of daily living. In addition, supportive services may include individual and family supportive counseling, assistance navigating the housing continuum, health education, geriatric assessment, health surveillance, nursing, rehabilitation and personal care assistance.

Home Care Inquires for Oak Bluff:  Laurel Mitchell  (204) 735-3193


Home Care Inquiries for Starbuck, Brunkild, Sanford:    Michelle Dequier (204) 735-3193


Home Care Inquiries for La Salle and Domain:  Jen Baerg (204) 746-7351