Lunch and Learn

Come for lunch and stay for brief, informative presentations on a variety of topics including nutrition, brain health, exercises you can do at home and more. Call to reserve your space and order lunch.

Lunch & Learn costs $9.00/person

November 22, 2021: La Salle Community Centre  12:45 pm

Estate Planning: Make sure you have an estate place in place to protect your assets and other personal considerations when you pass. An effective estate plan gives you peace of mind, knowing that your assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries according to your wishes. Learn the many elements of estate planning - your executors may want to attend too!


November 24, 2021: Starbuck Hall 12:45 p.m.

Join Dr. James Duncan and Rusty the Long-eared Owl for a presentation called


In 2015, Long-eared Owls nested on Jim’s property near his house giving him an opportunity to test a nest camera to learn about this enigmatic nocturnal species. Jim will tell us about the secret lives of this migratory owl based on an intensive analysis of 128,694 images collected over 15 days during the nestling period. Jim reveals new information on Long-eared Owl behaviour and diet. Experience their struggles to incubate eggs, and then raise and defend their young from extreme weather and predators.

Joining Jim to help deliver this presentation will be Rusty, a live female Long-eared Owl. She is one of Discover Owls education ambassadors, a dear feathered friend and occasionally a ruthless heckler.


November 25, 2021: Sanford Legion 12:45 p.m.

Estate Planning : see description above